The Key to Unlocking Heaven's Gate is in YOU!

You don’t need to learn the truth, the truth is within YOU. What you need to do is remove the beliefs that hides your truth. Then you will be free!



Dedication To You 

I dedicate this blog to you, the reader, because you had enough guts to visit this site.  It means that you are willing to do something very rare — challenge your beliefs, your mind.

It’s difficult, in a world that worships the false self, to be willing to take a different path.  It is hard to be a free thinker in a world where fitting in and looking good provides such benefits. It means there’s something powerful and unique within you, something that is ready to be reborn.  There’s something real within you that didn’t get covered by the mask that others wanted you to wear. Knowing you are out there living your life is what makes me smile. You make life worth living.

Your memory is coming back and the world probably doesn’t make any sense to you.  You might feel like you don’t fit in or even belong on this planet.  I applaud you because you are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  Saviors and angels live in the illusion.  Real people courageously being themselves are the gold of the true world.

There are tons of you—old and young, fat and thin, gay and straight, rich and poor.  You come in all forms.  But you have one thing in common.  You can’t understand for the life of you why people think and do what they do.  People don’t make any sense to you.  Following the herd is repulsive to your spirit.  And that is because you remember the truth, and you know the illusion is a poor facade of what earth was meant to be.


We are Exposers of Beliefs

We can’t remove beliefs until we expose them and recognize they are only beliefs, and not the truth.  You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you the truth.  Everyone has the truth inside.  It is hardwired into our mental computer.

I offer this blog to you only as a confirmation that you are going in the right direction and making progress.  I’m a reminder that it is okay to discriminate.  It’s okay to eliminate beliefs from your mind.  I’m a friend walking down the same sidewalk as you who just wants to let you know that you aren’t alone.

Eventually we all must learn that the gold of heaven is here on earth.  We realize that God is not some old man with a long beard waiting for us on some heavenly cloud when we die.  God doesn’t punish. He isn’t jealous, and he isn’t even a man.


Killing the False Self is Like Killing Cancer,

We Don’t Miss It

When we remove the beliefs that hide our true, authentic Self, the false self is destroyed along with all its suffering and stupidity.  The false self tries desperately to hold on, and it will convince you to the end that it’s good and necessary.  But when you find your True Self, the false self dying is kind of like a cancer cell dying.  No one feels bad about it, and no one misses it.

A successful life can be summed up very easily.  Success is about killing the right things.  And what we must kill is our own false self, which is composed of the sum total of all of our beliefs. When we kill our false self, we contribute to the demise of the illusion. That is it.  Fixing or killing others is a complete waste of time, and most people devote their lives to it.  But then the illusion is nothing but wasted time.

When I was little, my dad gave me the worst piece of advice possible.  He said “Never mess with people’s beliefs.”  It is the old “Don’t talk about religion or politics” adage.  Well I didn’t listen to him, and I talk and talk and talk about religion and politics because we need to expose the beliefs (lies) that they promote as true.  Not only must we talk about beliefs, but we must laugh like hell at them; otherwise we are living in prison.  When it is not cool to honor false beliefs, people will drop them quickly.

Most people are tiptoeing around the world trying to keep fragile egos from exploding.  They are trying to avoid a hell that doesn’t exist.  They are terrified of beliefs; and that is the fuel that keeps them alive.  Beliefs run off of emotional fuel.  They are self-sustaining programs that generate the fuel they need to survive.  When we think beliefs, we emote.  We’re trained to belief that the emotion means the belief is true (which is a lie).  So we believe it more and get more emotion…. It is a perfectly designed illusion.  Watch anyone with OCD, schizophrenia, or any even a compulsive worrier, and you’ll see someone who has taken this collective lie to an art form.  They are confined to the illusion’s mental prison; and often they are proud of that.  We should never be afraid of beliefs because they aren’t real; when we know that, they lose power.


Our Beliefs Are Not Who We Are

We’re not our political preferences, our bank balances, our religion, our diseases, our sexual preferences, our class system, our culture, our nationality, or our educational level.  Those things are pieces of our mask.  None of those preferences were glued to us when we were born.  All of these beliefs were added through nurturing and training.  If we enjoy our beliefs, we can keep them.

You don’t have to let go of all beliefs.  However, once you start letting go, you want to let go more and more.  The key to living in the illusion is simple.  Follow your own beliefs to the letter, and let others believe whatever they want.  Stay in your own lane, and you won’t wreck.  But have you noticed that hardly anyone can do that?  They can’t just mind their own beliefs because beliefs are so fragile and powerless.  You need support for them, and organizations to run them, and believers, and people to lead the believers, and outfits for the believers to wear and on and on.


You Weren’t Born Believing Anything

People are born loving, we teach them to hate.  People are born peaceful, we teach them to go to war.  People are born positive, we fill them with negative ideas.  Babies are wise until we educate them with our knowledge.  Little children are spiritual until we send them to church.  The world is upside down.  People run to false sources of light when they should run away from them.  Like a moth flying into the flame, the false light burns us to a crisp.

It’s no accident that if you scramble the letters of earth, you get the word heart.  Love is in the earth.  Our True Self (unconditional love) is in our heart.  They are the same. Since the true notion of God is unconditional love, you ain’t going to find love in the clouds sitting on a throne.


The Illusion is a Joke, So Laugh

I know that the end of the false self (illusion) is in sight for many people because life is becoming very, very funny.  I can’t listen to the President or some big wig in Congress without laughing anymore.  I can’t take religious leaders serious anymore in their funny little costumes and stupid laws of life.  If I take a class, I have to hold back the laughter as the teacher fills the room with beliefs.  Those who think they are important are the most clueless of us all.  The express train out of hell is full of laughter.  So enjoy the journey while you are on it.  Watch Comedy Central; make it your new medicine.

Life begins when we don’t believe other people’s lies anymore.  But this is not one of those fake it till you make it things.  I believed lies for a long time, and I operated as if they were true.  And life was very, very serious and hard.

I may joke a lot now, but I also have tremendous compassion for those stuck in the quicksand of the illusory world.  It looks very real when you’re caught in it.  I don’t just speak of those that are suffering in the world.  Imagine the shock when the Queen of England or the President of the United States realizes that they aren’t important – that all of their worth was a house of cards, and the cards were nothing but lies.  As we drop beliefs that make up our systems, Humpty Dumpty is going to have quite a fall.  But that is what needs to happen; and Humpty Dumpty will find true happiness in his fall.  Being king of an illusion was really not that satisfying.

All authorities are so full of bullshit that it’s a wonder they don’t explode.   I used to believe authorities.  I thought they were important, and I took in every word.  I was even afraid to challenge them or write something like this because I might offend them and go to hell.

I remember going to a doctor who told me that I had some incurable problem.  I felt it would be disrespectful to tell him he was full of shit.  That was a real moment of truth.  It was not disrespectful for him to say I was incurable, but it was disrespectful to tell him that he was full of shit.  Fortunately, I got the joke.  I told him he was full of shit, and I proved him wrong.  When we think we have to respect someone who tells us we’re flawed, we are losing ground fast.  Were supporting the illusion — feeding it.  When we can tell them they are wrong fearlessly, we gain back the ground we lost. And we support everyone else in the quest for freedom.


We Must Stop Respecting False Authority

We have been so programmed to honor the illusion that serves the elite that we don’t feel qualified to question it.  Let me assure you, if you are still breathing, you’re absolutely qualified to question authority.  You don’t owe respect to anyone unless they earn it.  The leaders of the world belong in the domain of comedy, not authority.  A true leader comes from a place of unconditional love.  We pay money to doctors that don’t heal, governments that don’t govern, and unspiritual clergy because we are brainwashed to do so.

The prize for being courageous enough to take this journey, is your True Self — your omnipotent, joyous, free Self.  You get to live the life you’ve dreamed of living.  You get to express your uniqueness.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure.  Fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride.  The destination is paradise!