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    With the character game I noticed something strange. It seems I have two distinct mental states – with emotions and memories and attitudes- because the game is very different in the two modes. The characters have very different messages also. It is clear my mind is split on most subjects and I am very psychological reversed. After noticing this I had the idea to watch my face in the mirror with covering one half, and I also noticed the two sides are different, like obvious differences. One looks scared the other a bully. After that all of me got scared, lol and tried to let go of the belief that I have a double personality because of the abuse I ve been through. I only have one name, this I know for sure, lol. What I want to ask, is do you have any suggestion about doing the game with this split mind? Should I treat it like there are two realities in my mind?
    Thanks a lot,

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    So… I’m still working on the husband and family stuff, of course. I think I sorta see what happened with him in a lot of ways.
    I was thinking about what has caused the most problems recently, and I could write a book on a bunch of theories- it’s super slow progress.
    I actually don’t know much about him as a kid or his growing up at all!! But I do see clearly now that he believes that if we’d all (the entire population of Earth) just listen to him and do what he thinks, life would be perfect- even though he’s just doing what other people think he ought to be doing. Ugh.
    Anyway, something about the idea that he “hates his own True Self” caught me. I guess I’m wondering, what does that really mean?
    Maybe there’s a way I’m holding my own Self back without knowing it.

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    This topic is for questions and comments regarding the character game as covered in the GC-5 group call and the GC-6 articles.

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