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    Yes, that makes sense. I say things in a million different ways because hopefully one of those things will click. But it was wonderful that Kelly and Phil did those recordings because examples are so much better than words. Also, I really wanted to demonstrate the techniques I use.

    It’s the most tricky thing to get that real doesn’t mean true. We believe what we see instead of realizing that we are seeing what we know and believe.

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      This is tripping me up more and more at present. It’s the ‘real’ bit. The distraction. I mentioned it in another response to an article. Can not let go in the mental while the physical is in focus.

      The calls we’re great help, on my second listen through. Picked up things I didn’t hear before or found some clarity I had missed previously. It’s like these ‘oh fuck yeah’ moments.

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    Taylor Slay

    Went back and listened through all the calls and recordings of Kelly and Phil today which led to some really good breakthroughs. I’ve listened to them before, but this time I was really able to let go rather than just relate to their experiences. I think before I would kinda just find more relief in being able to relate to similar situations, but now I think I’m getting a better understanding of how the reality of the situation does not equal the truth of a situation. Particularly on the recording Kelly did with Cathy that revolved letting go around her mom. She explained how she did things not knowing why she did them, and Cathy explained how it was basically just her reflecting the bottom of someone’s triangle. I know this concept has been explained in multiple articles, but my mind has always struggled to let go of labels because I technically did do actions in the past that would fit the label, such as being given a bunch of things I didn’t want and then acting ungrateful. Anyways, the recordings are really helping me dissect my own memories and letting go that they are the truth. Sorry if I kind of rambled but just wanted to give a shout out to Kelly and Phil for sharing because it’s been super helpful.

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