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    I think the next article on Blame might help you as I go into how to work with other characters a bit more. It will be up soon. Generally when we are stuck, there is a clone character from our past that is trying to hold on to their power position. Often they have blamed, shamed, or guilted us. So I explain how to handle that. It will work for other things too, but blame, shame, or guilt are the most common. So we have to take down that clone character. We have to realize that they are false and powerless. It takes time so be patient.

    You want to really go into the feeling of victim when you feel it. Usually, we don’t want to feel or go in. We want to talk or whine so we don’t have to feel. But until we face those emotions, we won’t find the causal beliefs. We won’t let go. Sometimes, it can feel horrible, like you can’t face it. But when you do face it, you realize it was just emotion. Our mind was making it so much more. Play with that some. Cathy

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    Hi Iulia

    I get what you say. The “struggle” you refer to imo I think is a key to the continuing clone stance. I’ve noticed it too and know that I’ve struggled to get out of it. It hasn’t helped. I now remember to sit and witness my mind and watch the urge my mind has to struggle without forcing a change to get out of it and be feminine. My mind is happy to oblige in letting go at times, other times it’s not so so I just watch it and wait.

    You can only do your best.

    I had a lot of emotion/fear and it’s tricky when you do so I’d look for ways to bypass this which is natural – the emotions felt awful. Quite recently I’ve really taken on board Cathy’s advice to link my body to my thoughts. If I feel emotion I look at what I’m thinking and I don’t try to suppress or distract myself so much I really look at my mind and let whats going on go as best I can. Watching and waiting and letting go.

    I have also been defensive and stubborn (clones) to avoid feeling the fear but in the end I had to feel the fear to be free of it so that I could let the thoughts arise that triggered the fear that I could then let go of. I wouldn’t always put myself in the fearful situation but I’d bring the thoughts up to let go say at home.

    I think you are being in the feminine as best you can and it’ll start to be a bit easier.

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      Thanks Sarah,the suggestion to focus on the body mind link more it is helpful.And to be pacient. I guess the clone wants to win at letting go also lol

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    Hi everyone,
    For the last months I tried to let go and it was a struggle. Then yesterday an incident happened at work that matched my false self beliefs and I got into a kind of shock-scared.Even my body was limp. Usually I would hide and cry or tell someone (whine).But I tried to not cry and shut up and discriminate. And then I think I started letting go for real, from a soft spot like you described. I got clear and I was not judging or feeling a victim anymore. But today I am again in my usual mode which I think is the clone, and I was so naive to believe I am feminine when it looks like my default mode is this guardian. I also realised that I contribute to all this aggression/hostility that I seem to attract everywhere.
    Now, I would really like to go back to that place, but it is not productive to have to get really scared to get to a feminine set of mind.
    I don t know how to give more details without getting into my trauma story.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    I really appreciate the Knife article it helped to understand some trick my mind is playing, but I would like so much to be able to let go more.

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