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    Lucia, Your mind is going too fast. So start with the writing articles GC-1. You can’t let go when your mind is racing. You have to slow it down. That’s my first advice.

    Second I don’t know if this is best for you. It’s very much on your own. What your describing probably needs some support. You might want to find a therapist that you trust.

    If you are triggered that much, it would probably be important to have someone you can meet with. As I say in the into, this is not personal mentoring. I teach you what you need to know in the lessons to let go. But get help if you need it. Cathy

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      My name is Iulia, with an “I”. Sarah thank you for the answer. Cathy also. For the moment I don’t want standard therapy, I feel I wont’ get out of it. Now, for the disclaimer. It was not my conscious intention to not be courteous, but I understand your definition and I won ‘t post anymore, I don’t think I have the mind to do that without projections. The answer was useful, though painful because I felt shamed and rejected, but this are my old beliefs. I will read the materials and get out the most I can. Also I ‘ll delete the post, It’s to much for me to let go knowing it is there ūüôā ( it’s a joke not a projection,I hope).

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      Lulia, I want to add one more thing. You remarked that you had not read anything. I want to be clear. This forum and Gold Circle isn’t a help line. It is a place where I can present really advanced material for those who are actively using letting go and wanting to go deeper and challenge more collective types of beliefs. So as I’ve said in the Read this first and the Writing posts, you need to take the projection out of your writing.

      I will answer anything about letting go, and will help you find a way to work on specifics. You must read the material. Then you can ask. But no one can do this for you. If you want someone to do it for you, then there are plenty of people who do those things. This is a DIY site. Letting go works, but only if you do it. When it gets hard, you have to realize your mind is just repeating (I did just post on that).

      Often when we feel stuck, we just want to project it out. We want others to know life is bad or to take on some of our problems. That is what you do in therapy. But here you have to treat everyone in the group as if they are your best friends, and you only ask specific questions to help you do a better job of letting go.

      People are not very courteous in the real world. In here, I will insist upon it.

      Sarah, make sure you let go of what Lulia wrote. No one is their problems. They are all just a creation of their false mind.

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    Hi, cathy would be able to answer you more fully than I can especially on the projections but in my experience of extreme, pretty much constant emotions, for many many years I’d say what you are now experiencing is normal. Being stuck is normal. I haven’t experienced your past but I have had to let go of “stuff” and letting go also means facing and feeling and daring to look at the deepest part of your mind and, it takes courage as you are showing and a deep desire to go on. I get the progress query and when you are in deep it’s hard to see yes but it’s there and at some point you’ll see it. Look for the mental progress but give it time as the layers will be lifting but there may be lots of them so don’t keep looking for the results. You do what you can. You understand and try it out and let go and let go some more and ask when you’re stuck and you do get there. Keep going x

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      Thanks for sharing Sarah. It’s getting far away for me. It’s hard to remember being afraid anymore, but it comes out one thought at a time. But often you aren’t letting go much when you are afraid. So do something to relax. I used to let go every morning upon awaking. I was most in a relaxed state so I could go deeper. Cathy

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    Projections…questions, comments on this subject.

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