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    It is never about the kid and what they believe. I have never taught parents to teach their kids to let go. If we push letting go on people, they will often rebel. I’ve never even taught my own kids to let go unless they ask. I’ve mentioned that several times. I let go of what I see in my kids or what I fear. The goal of the parents is to let go until you trust their True Self to keep them safe or to come to you to ask. It’s not easy, but it is what every kid wants. Besides, you can’t protect your kids unless you become a helicopter parent. They will grow up and leave you. You want them to be independent and to find their own answers so they can be free adults.

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    Cheers Amanda. Wondering why Letting go isn’t showing much results draws me back in to willing it to happen
    So yep it’s letting that go too I guess.

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    I’ve been trying really hard to just say, “don’t worry about it, it will go away”. If *I* can really not worry about it, instead of trying to figure it out, sometimes it does go away for them.
    It’s tough to do, though, at this point for me still, but I keep working on it.

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    Hi, I wondered if anyone had made much progress with letting go around their kids with physical issues. I’ve done a lot of letting go around my son with my thoughts and beliefs around him generally and also collective beliefs. He’s had acne for three years without much let up despite the letting go. He’s just wanting it to heal and so will try anything – antibiotics, creams, alternative meds, stuff off the Internet. I’ve let go around so much of that stuff but obviously he hasn’t as he’s only partially receptive to my guidance around letting go.

    Judy interested to see a way forward and if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

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