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    I agree with what Damien wrote as I think this man is causing you to doubt yourself and to be confused. So use writing to see what is in your mind, and let go until it is smooth and clear.

    That means that your partner is feeling doubtful and confused, and he gets power by projecting it. You let go and then he gets it back, and he finds a way to get you to take back the doubt and confusion. I’d do the character game with his character. Notice that he probably looks quite smooth on the surface, like a Barack Obama, but he is confused and so he creates confusion in others. Then he probably gloats or fixes them. It’s a common program right now.

    Also, I’d do a triangle bottom on anything where you tend to be opposites; then let go on both sides. I can best explain this by referring you to typical liberal behavior with Donald Trump. Trump just says something… anything. They immediately go to the opposite. They are so stuck at the triangle bottom that if he says what they want, they now want the opposite. Trump’s pretty savvy. I’d say he’s street smart. He’s been trapping them in their own cage more and more. He just speaks these direct, honest words. He doesn’t explain himself or try to calm them. He’s just short and direct…I think tweeting has taught him something. Then he just watches as their projections go right back to them. They get all emotional and say he hurt them, but he didn’t. He just didn’t take their projection.

    My husband had this pattern too, and here is why. He grew up in a family that was consistent. They were all negative all the time. So he learned to just say and do the opposite. Then he was happy all the time. But he was always at the triangle bottom. Then I found letting go, and I didn’t take the opposite anymore. I’d work on my emotions to find the causal beliefs until I got to step three, and he would get tongue tied. He’d contradict himself in the same sentence. He’d walk away and fret. He wanted me gone, and it made it easier to leave. You see I was giving him a Trump. I wasn’t judging him. IN fact I was loving him. I also wasn’t taking his projection anymore. Usually I said nothing or very little.

    So first do the triangle process and clean up the opposites.
    Second, the recording of GC-11 and what I wrote about health and my convo with Phil might help you to let go of his projections and match them up with his clone.
    Try to get to Step three and see what he does.
    If you feel confused or doubting, see if that is yours of if it is his. Write a little with some editing and letting go.
    Then try to find the pattern. Why do his thoughts get into your mind. Often we have beliefs that let projections in. We have to close up those holes. Then they can’t get in anymore.
    That should help.

    I think this is also related to the fatal errors you are getting when you try to come on GC. I think you are doubting letting go when it is his doubt you are feeling. He’s probably also not wanting you to let go. It sounds like he’s a clone trying to stop you from being your True Self. So I’d let go on that topic with his character. You’re true self won’t hurt him, but it will expose him. Clones don’t like that much.

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I had to read this a few times, gave me a lot to let go in it! Have you looked at what’s being projected? You might find something to let go around that, and any labels that come to light. I found in the 1st part you state that if you let go and are calm, he reacts with emotion. If you don’t let go, you react with emotion and his the calm one. It seems like a hot potato is being pass back and fourth (I visualise a lot in reading!).

    In the beginning, especially when I first started posting, I noticed that I typed a lot and posted before I actually edited what I wrote. Cathy’s post on writing, especially in the early posts will give you some help in this. I soon understood what Cathy meant by cleaning up your writing. I sometimes found answers when I was editing. I would see my original post completely change to the point it would probably make no sense to some one else who doesn’t know about letting go. You might find when you edit your post, you’ll find some answers in it as well.

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    Elizabeth Whiteman

    Just wanting to share this, to see if anyone else is going through something similar.
    I am in a relatively new relationship with a man (couple of years) who has turned into an absolute nutter! (omg, he’s on another planet!). It feels like he is representing that figure at the door of the cave in the character game, stronger and more obvious and ridiculous than ever before. A caricature really. And the more I sit and let go, the worse and more ridiculously dramatic he gets, to try and pull me into his imaginary stories – because there are no problems really, not even in reality, just the normal coping and juggling with life (which he can’t seem to manage by himself).
    Talk about an intensive course in everything Cathy has been writing about!
    If I get upset, he calms down I’ve noticed, but I let go as quick as I can and he’s off again.
    It’s almost starting to be a comedy, when I get over my disappointment and hopes of creating a lovely life together. Running away isn’t an option right now, or I can’t quite see my way out, so I’m hanging on in there, letting go as much as I can, just watching him let loose like some bizarre caricature. But I am left with a hanging jaw, wondering how I got into this. It’s not pleasant for me, and of course my daughter.
    It’s like everything coming up at once to let go of, although not that much is new, but feels more like an over-the-top example of stuff I already know to be false. Like a “you sure about this?” kind of situation.
    I suppose I’m sharing this because I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this intensifying situation.
    What I do see is that it is providing me with “tests” and tricks from all angles, in every possible way, but I do have big sighs and ‘Oh not this again” moments. I’m bored with it too.
    Hard to talk about with anyone who hasn’t done this letting go work, so just wanted to put it out there.

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