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    Cathy Eck

    I think the biggest issue with health is that people think that it should be easy and it never is. By the time, people work on it, it has become physical. So now you must realize that you created that reality with beliefs. Then you have to go back to listen for those beliefs as if it isn’t manifested. You can’t focus on the problem and correct it by letting go. It’s one foot on the brake and one on the gas. So physical issues push your letting go skill to a new level. Also, you didn’t create the beliefs, they came from others. So it is really more working on relationships and why you believe others than health. If a relationship is false, health issues will bring that to the surface. Quite honestly, I think that is one of the major purposes. Health is just one of many different effects. Like anything else, healthy people in the illusion tend to be clones who project. So now you are faced with how to you get rid of this without becoming a clone. You can see the temptation that came up as you wrote. The clone only has memories; and it really doesn’t know how to fix anything other than to do what it did before, like the general. So the concepts are the same.

    There are the beliefs themselves and the labels like you mentioned. The emotion is always psychologically reversed. So everyone goes the wrong way of diagnosing it right off either in their head, on the internet, or in the doctor’s office. Second, they tell others who don’t let go. That means that they have a false relationship. Now you must let go of that false connection to let go of the health issue. Or they keep you stuck in it. Third it brings up all your relationships with doctors, health issues of the past, gym memberships you didn’t want anyway, ways you fixed things in the past that you still want to hold on to. It takes you right into the collective so now you either have to go back to the old way of life or go full out. Initiation in the ancient world, as I’ve said, was ride or die. It wasn’t a New Age workshop or a course you take in a school. So those old thought forms are part of the process. This isn’t charm school…lol.

    All of that comes with a lot of emotions. It is a very intense topic. So you have to take it one thought at a time. You just watch your mind and you catch when your mind is feeding you bs. It is no different than any other topic, but people run from their mind with health issues; they are scared. That isn’t the fault of letting go; it is the fault of the medical community. So you must make sure you are seeing the cause in the right way. If you blame letting go, it won’t work for you at all. If you blame emotions, you’ll run from them instead of use them to let go. It all puts you to the test to see if you are a tiger or a mouse.

    Most have developed coping mechanisms for health issues. They’ve got a toolbox of shit to use. They think others should fix them…even me. That’s all that bullocks (to borrow the UK term) that has been loaded in your head.

    Health things go real fast if you catch them just as they appear and you don’t go down that rabbit hole. If you do, you’ve gone into the collective, and it is probably going to be something that brings up lots of beliefs to let go. Use it for that. Don’t make it into a race. Just stay calm and say, “This is showing me something to let go.” Then watch your mind and emotions and do what you know how to do until it disappears. When it is truly gone, you will have forgotten you even had the issue.

    Occasionally people put up on the site that they fixed something quickly that they’ve been “whining about.” They’ve been whining so they didn’t catch it quickly like I described. Now it isn’t a quick fix. So you have to clean up relationships, medical beliefs, preventive maintenance beliefs, food beliefs, God-punishment beliefs, etc. They generally went back into old beliefs, and did what pleased the clone. If you please the clone, you got that friend forever. We have to displease it to get rid of it; and it can be a scary sucker.

    So this is a topic that you must face without looking for validation of how others did it. If you truly fix it at the core, you forget you had the issue. All fear is gone. You one day remember you used to have that issue and it’s silly. You can’t imagine why you’d think that anymore.

    The only thing I might used the internet for it is to find out what others say so I can let go of the collective on the topic. I never believe what they say. Often sometimes in another’s “story” you can see a common metaphor. Then you can let go around that if you see it. But you don’t want to believe any other or you’ll have to treat it the way they treated it.

    Everything you feared or fixed is going to come up in initiation to be fully let go. If you take a shortcut, it will be back. The confusion comes from looking at others and thinking they are free on the topic because they aren’t sick in that moment. But they are mentally dying; you just don’t see the symptoms yet. So don’t look at others either.

    Mostly just let go. Effects are just effects. If you get impatient, it takes longer. If you just watch your mind and let go, the effects change without you noticing it. It’s a good thing and a bad thing for me. If someone really lets go, they don’t say a word. They forget they had the issue. They might remember it if they were trying to explain letting go to another, but I won’t see posts on the forum. If someone is amazed at the illness they let go, and posting comments or stuff on it, they are totally cheating and using clone tools. They still think this is a New Age workshop when we share our miracles. The reason for that is simple. If they are really succeeding, they are in the mental level. The physical is just the result. It’s not a big deal at all. All that self-help shit is at the physical level where people are hyper focused on the body.

    This work is strange. There is no superiority with it. I’ve spent the last few days with horse people who will never even consider letting go as an option. They are deep in the shit. At times, I had to say, “Chill, it’s fine. Go take a walk.” But they could not tell a damn thing different about me. Although I’ve been asked at least ten times what I did different with my children because they seem other worldly to them. Everybody gets the difference in them. But they don’t even let go consciously themselves so it’s just what they do. It’s much easier when you have a parent that does this.

    All of you are the people that want to change a long lineage of crap. So you get all that crap to declare false. So with that said, I’d look back to your parents and see if this was something that they would punish you with or believe in. Let go of their characters. You’re wife’s bs is her beliefs. You can’t fix it for her, but you can not believe her and potentially affect her. Be careful, you aren’t taking on her beliefs as you mentioned her in this. I did that with my ex; and I just had to give them all back. He has to fix his mind.

    That’s all I can think of. Cathy

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      Thank you Cathy. Your response really helped. I’m continuing to work on this.

      Your right, the urge or temptation to let a clone take over was there on the surface. I hit that predicament, how do I fix this with out becoming a clone. This was one of the battles. I didn’t want to go back down that road, the old way. There was almost a sense of repulsion for this. I could go on but, I’ll only go into my story again.

      I had some time to work on it between what I wrote and your response. Again, your response was a massive help.

      Thank you Cathy.

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    I thought I would just copy the topic of the forum. It’s what is!

    I haven’t really moved on GC7 last couple of weeks. I had attempted to ask the question 7 times over but I wasn’t clear enough on it with out projecting if I were to write it earlier. I also felt like I shouldn’t be telling people. A false thought I carried from my childhood. I’ve let go on this hence why I’m now posting.

    My question is around health, in some respect. I’ll be brief as I can.

    Some weeks ago, I was getting stuck. I had let go around a major component in my life. I suppose at this point, there was some false belief that the other components would follow suit. After letting go around this one in particular, I noticed that it hid some other beliefs around health and well being that I hadn’t realised I had. I briefly wrote about it in the forums. So I became stuck in this area and it kept repeating. Initially I thought I had found the cause but, it kept repeating. I began to notice some thing’s coming up in my body in specific areas that had come up before.

    This bought my mind back to a disease I learned about some years ago. I’m not frightened easily, but it scared the shit out of me. My missus proceeded to tell me at the time that I fitted the criteria. More so because of an accident I had couple of years previous. Thanks! I recall bolllocking her (English for a severe telling off!) for telling me about it and pushed it out my mind. Well, I ‘buried’ is probably more precise. I’m now at the age where it can normally show signs and these are the thoughts that started to creep in.

    It was physical effects that bought these memories on and the more I thought about it, the more apparent they were. I let go of everything that came up but they would appear else where in my body. Again, fitting the criteria. I knew it was false and it became a daily battle in my mind. I wanted to jump on here or e-mail your self Cathy and just scream help! Then I would hear a response from you in my mind ‘Does that feel good? no? then let it go, it’s false’. I did let go, over and over. But It was hard to do this at the mental level while at the physical level, I was seeing the effects of my false thinking.

    If I played the computer, the symptoms would almost completely disappear. So I knew distraction would provide a temporary fix. But I wasn’t letting go and it was there waiting for me when I was no longer distracted. This come to a head last week when we took my little’en to the park and as I got up to walk, reality just seemed to phase out. I had experienced this before and it wasn’t as scary this time, partly because I knew it was false. But, I had to fight really hard mentally to stay ‘with it’. It was as though everything around me was not real. I was able to observe my mind and recognise it was false. I let go pretty quickly on it and it stopped the minute I let go.

    Then my mind turned to this work we’re doing. I say turned, it turned on it. Like my mind was saying you can’t go back now, you can’t undo what you’ve done, but in a malicious way. What was strange is it was like my mind didn’t want me to ‘know’ what I knew. Like it was simpler before. I came to recognise later that this was a trick. I was able to let go around this but it took all day. The physical effects were still appearing.

    Eventually, I did the stupid thing of googling these symptoms. I was always the one to say don’t google shit and here I am eating my own words. The first post that came up showed me exactly what I was expecting to see and didn’t want to see. My false thinking looking out to find evidence of false beliefs. I then decided to list all of them and search. It pointed to something else that could cause similar effects but, it offered a better ‘fix’. Immediately I felt the symptoms subside. But then my mind went ‘great, but you haven’t let go’ so I knew I still had work to do.

    I suppose in some sense it was validation it was false, that the symptoms I was seeing subsided. Other validation it was false is that my mind was going back to re-joining the gym, do some exercise, go running, eat better food. The very thing I worked on letting go were all popping back in my mind as fixes to my false thinking. But I also knew I had remained stuck and my false thoughts were behind it.

    I have been able to let go on other things and I do this daily. Sometimes really easily or naturally. But this is floating in the background of my mind and I’m still seeing physical effects of this. I’m not sure how to let go on this or where to start again. What I do remember is before the last call I was getting really hung up on desires. Then this re-direct came in and kicked me in the bollox. And I’m kinda stuck.

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