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    Go read the event. It says, “There is no call, but that is the day (approx time) I’ll put up the recording.”

    Might want to read GC-1B, my new post on reading.

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    Hi Rachel, the call was replaced with the recent recording with Phil and Kelly ūüėä

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      Rachel Atkins

      Oh. Thanks Damien. I’ve seen the call with Phil and Kelly but didn’t realise it was a replacement for the call. Was there an update on here that I missed?
      Anyway, thanks for letting me know – not feeling quite so crazy now!

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    Rachel Atkins

    I felt like I was going crazy last night. I was sure I’d seen (several times) that there was a group call for the 1st July at 1pm PDT – which made it 9pm UK time – one of the reasons I looked more than once was because of the time change, most of the Saturday calls have been at 11AM PDT.
    Anyway, I log in to the call at 9pm and – nothing. No one else is there, and there’s just ‘lift music’ playing.
    Obviously, I have something (pretty big) to let go of here – and I’ve already started doing that – but what I want to know is – did I invent the call altogether, or did I ‘lock myself out of it’ so completely it appeared not to be happening when it was?


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