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    Hi guys, after 6 days of letting go from my posts on GC7 on health and the body, I feel so much more better. I’ve been able to embrace where I am at now and love myself more, without sounding cheesy. I’m more aware of how my mind operates on the subjects and I’ve been catching my projections more about myself and others on the subjects. Which has been surprising in terms of the judgemental dialogue playing out in my head. I would of just let my mind role with my projections, without feeling that it isn’t right.

    I have also been able to go back in time to where my issues with my skin could of started. My mother said that I was born late and my skin was dry because of it. From then on she must of projected this on to me, which lead to me going to the doctors to get cream as a child for skin conditions such as eczema. This left me with a slight complex with how I had been viewing it until recently. Although the eczema cleared up.

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    lol Ashley. I loved swimming growing up but it was never for fitness. It was for fun. For some reason, I had this weird ambition to be able to swim under water for long length of times. I loved the idea of being able to stay under there longer. When I got older, it became about fitness and it was about banging out as many lengths as I could. Amazing to see how my false self would give it a false purpose and remove the enjoyment of it.

    There’s loads in there Cathy. I hadn’t realised I had used health and fitness to ‘keep at bay’ the many beliefs I had around my health. At the point I had contacted you before the call, my mind was swimming in them. I’m still working on them. As you said, i’m going through phases. I keep having to catch my false self creating fixes. Like distractions when I feel a symptom. I watch my mind going ‘See, it’s not real because you didn’t think about it once while you were doing that’.

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      Damien, I did the holding breath thing for lengths too. Interestingly, I didn’t have *that* much fun swimming the actual laps. I liked it for like a few minutes… But it was really about the socialization… And the tan LOL I wasn’t very good. But it didn’t matter. Sounds like swimming will become fun for you again! I’ve had some beliefs around being in the sun etc. that have kept me outta the water. I’d like to change that =)

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    That’s awesome Damien. It is such a loaded topic. It took me so long to find all the beliefs. I could not believe how much was in there. You go through phases, but in the end you start to realize that your True Self has this all handled. It is all just an economy!

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    That was cool to read Damien. Thanks for sharing. Gyms are really strange places. I can remember going to “work out” when I was a teenager (after swim team practice etc). But it was really more to check-out guys and goof off with my friends LOL I think half the reason people go is to be seen. I was never super into working out.

    Food on the other hand? Ugh.

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    This was more in relation to the comments on G7 – Group call post.

    I did want to respond to the body thing, still letting go myself. In fact it gave me a right smack in the chops the further I went into it. My false self kicked off big style!

    I went to the gym and controlled my food for 17 years. There’s probably nothing false I have not absorbed in this time. Letting go around this was a long one and had to take it apart a bit at a time. I was sitting outside a course centre to become a Personal Trainer and had been reading G2G for a couple of months by now. Something didn’t feel right as I sat outside. I spent 20 minutes sitting in my car looking at the emotion. After letting go of anything that presented itself, I started my car back up and drove home. It wasn’t over and it got more complicated the more I went into it. I found some crazy beliefs. It wasn’t just the beliefs around aesthetics and health, there was loads more. This was last year. I stood up to go to the gym a couple of months ago and for the life of me I could not understand why I was going. Instead, I logged into my account and cancelled it. It seemed so simple. I flipped to the other side a few times during this period. I thought I had let go around healthy eating and controlled consumption. I knew they were false. Only to realise I had slipped over to the other side. I suppose the real validation for me is the way I see people in the physical. The judgement or trying to fix people with my learned knowledge from my false self perspective is almost completely gone. There’s still some things that pop up but I catch them as they do and I let go.

    I’m still tackling subjects around health. I few things came up when I let go around the health & fitness crap. The tool (gym) I used to fix the effects of my false thoughts was gone. I had come to understand why it was false so became really simple to let go. I have also come to learn that it had covered up a few beliefs around my health. This is still ongoing for me. It gets quite messy but, this post really helped to steer me back on my path (Thank you Cathy!).

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