Election 2016, It’s a Wrap — Why America Needed a Businessman as President Now!

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    Sorry to trick you guys. You weren’t losing your mind. It was just growing…now it’s a small book. But there was just so much more to say on that subject.

    When I work on a post, I’m supposed to make it private so you don’t have to see all my edits. But sometimes, I forget and just start writing. That’s why that happens.

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      Rachel Atkins

      Small book indeed! And well worth the wait for the ‘extra’s. Thank you so much for this. The additional notes and explanations have really helped me.
      I’m finally getting it. I still have stuff to let go of, I’m still confused about some aspects. But, broadly, at least, I now get it.
      I’d recognised the Hilary clone instantly in the original article on farting, but Trump was a bit of a mystery to me, and a bit scary (parents beliefs still coming through, even though I could see they were false.)
      But letting go of beliefs in the intervening period (such as ‘you need someone ‘educated’ and ‘sophisticated’ in government’) has helped to ‘crack my clone’ and let my True Self in more and more.
      Also, I realised the true desire behind a long-held desire this morning, and even though I haven’t entirely let go of the physical desire, it feels must less ‘urgent’ much less necessary. But the point is, I realised that what I really wanted was to get other people (especially parents) out of my head, and that I didn’t want to be in their heads either!
      Somehow, realising this, helped me loosen the almost vice-like grip of certain family beliefs about ‘good’, so that when I read this article this afternoon I could see Donald more clearly. I could finally see him from the mental perspective. SO MUCH BETTER!
      I’m still working on desires, and I know I’m going to keep coming back to this article to find more to let go of. But thank you. The feeling of calm right now is like coming home – which, actually, is exactly what my desire was all about. Having my OWN home, or, more accurately, my OWN, True, Mind.
      So cool. I love how clarity in one area can bring clarity in something seemingly completely unrelated.
      I’d been feeling like I haven’t got enough time to really dig deep on all the issues and beliefs your articles are bringing up for me, but I’m now starting to see that if I just relax and go with it, my True Self will focus on things in the right order for me. I’ll get there. My True Self will get me there.
      I feel like I’m walking through a forest, with my True Self leading the way, and you’re pointing out all the traps on either side of the path – the perfect guide.
      Thank you:-)

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    I did the same. Thought I did something to the page!

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    Rachel Atkins

    Ah. That makes sense. Phew! Thanks Shera. ūüôā

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      Sure! I sent out the bloodhounds looking for it too! ūüėĄ

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    Haha! Nah, it was there but Cathy forgot to mark it private as she worked on it. She wasn’t quite finished but it wil be up soon!

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    Rachel Atkins

    I think I’m going crazy, now. I’m sure I read this article on here, in fact, I emailed it to myself at work so I could read it there. You’d added notes as a result of comments on facebook (I hadn’t seen it on there – since the Gold Circle started I’ve pretty much focused on that.) Anyway. I’ve read it, I’ve got a copy of it printed it out, but I can’t find it on here at all, I’ve searched all the GC articles… I’m at a loss. Was it there and now it’s gone, did I dream it (plus the printout!) did I find it in an alternative reality…?
    It’s great, by the way, helped me clarify certain things, including where I’m still confused and need to let go of more to find my clarity and, because I’ve printed it, I don’t really need it to be on here – it’s just weird that I can’t find it!

    Any enlightenment (just on this! ;-)) will be appreciated!

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