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    Hi Jade,
    I have been feeling some of the same things. I catch myself in some situations in the illusion and then I get out and feel calm again. Some stuff seems to be getting easier and I am catching myself sooner, but not quite there in staying in my true self. I have had some “clone events” where I know I am operating from a strong clone. Then, I work on it and see what happened. I am hoping to get better at staying true and in the mental….definitely getting lots of practice!


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      Hi Laura, it’s good to here from you and see that your making improvements. I’ve pretty much defeated my clones prior or within this work. If anything I’m working on some slight subtle character resins and false thinking which is still creating. But they do reveal as false. I’m able to be more myself and I took myself out of roles where I couldnt. My core focus has changing to creating and I work letting go around my true self. Cathy’s post have helped me shed a lot of stuff off. I find her writing more so clear then not, so I’ve been able to shift quite quickly. I can see how my change is changing others around me as well to be true. That’s enough for me in terms of helping others. Rather than feeling I had to do it through an illusive role such as personal development. I just want to laugh, create and have fun. I’ve got my spark back. I don’t take life so seriously anymore. It’s quite interesting to see where my true self will take me, as I’m a lot less plugged. ūüôā

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    Hi all, I’ve been reflecting on the last 7 weeks of being in the circle. Even though time is just an illusion, I feel like I’m clocking in and out of two different zones. When I’m living my life in the illusion, time feels like it is going fast. And today feels like yesterday. But when I’m clocking into the circle and working on self, I feel like I’ve been in the circle for much longer than 7 weeks. Time feels much slower, and even comments I made on this site feel like months and years ago. Which I understand is part of the letting go process. In a way I also feel like I’ve gained more time to myself. Some where in the hidden the two different zones are meeting, and I can feel and see I’m creating another zone where my true self wants to be president. With gained and covered quite a lot in a short space of time. I need to elevate my strength in my inner knowing, as in knowing I’m moving in the right direction, doing the right thing and connecting with whom I’m suppose to.I can definitely feel the difference, but I’m not 100% secure in it yet. However, I’ve noticed a clearer flow of knowing, and because it is so clear, it makes me second guess myself when I’m not in the validation stage. Once I gain more validation in this, I gain more of my true self, which I’m looking forward to. I would be interested in hearing from others who can feel the shift between the two zones.

    Peace! J

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