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    For sure that is the clarity I speak of. But then you go into life and there are beliefs and the True Self is kind of covered up again. So you let go, and then you get that clarity. The more you let go, the longer the clarity stays. But it comes and goes until you don’t believe false anymore.

    People in person are often more difficult because we tend to connect with them more at the false self level. We don’t connect with tv characters (or not as much). But I practice with television because it shows me beliefs that I’d never experience in my life because I don’t have that religion or culture, etc. I want to be able to be myself with any other.

    I’d let go that you are letting go from the wrong place. Stay out of right and wrong. You are letting go from the false self when you are in the false self. It is so much quicker and easier when you are in your True Self, you can dump stuff super quick. But the reason I give you beliefs to tell you how to let go is because we first have to get the false self to kind of undo itself. If you aren’t in your True Self, you’d be stuck unless you can manually drive the process.

    Different things are easier for others. So don’t compare yourself to others. Just keep noticing when you have clear moments, and recognize that you have achieved some success and that is awesome.

    The wall that I describe is really where you think you are your True Self but you aren’t. Or you hold something as true that is false. An example is someone who is an astrologer and doesn’t want to see that as beliefs. They want astrology to be true. Now that creates a wall. So the way to tackle it is to ask, “What do I hold as true?” You don’t need to hold anything as true. Your True Self doesn’t ever lose the truth. It is the truth. So memorized truth from teachers is the clone and the clone is often like a wall. So you have to just keep chipping away at it.

    In the end, you realize that pretty much everything everyone says is false. But it’s fun to communicate. Instead of letting people telling you about you, you realize they are telling you about their mind even if they are talking about you. Hope that helps. Cathy

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      That’s helped to clarify yes thanks Cathy x

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    Yes! I definitely have moments like that, and for me, when Cathy said you’ve got to let go of the insights too, it was validation. I still often think, “I’ve got to write this down before I forget!”, but I know that’s a trick my false self plays on me. Why do I think it’s important that I remember? Usually the answer to that is I’ll need it to fight someone with it or defend myself later, or to answer someone else’s question- not useful reasons, so, let it go.

    I don’t think you can let go from the wrong place, it’s more that you didn’t fully let go… But I don’t think that’s going to hurt you as long as you’re not trying to convince yourself that you did let go when you didn’t because if you haven’t let it go this time, it will come back up again. I think that’s why letting go of those moments of “aha!” are important- if you can’t let go of the truth, you aren’t wasting time or mental power trying to hold onto something you can’t actually forget.
    For me, I liken it to my success in school and on tests… I have never needed to study for anything. I read, watch, and listen to the material on the topic to the amount I’m interested in it, and I just go on about my life and trust that when the questions come up I’ll know the answers. I’m trying to expand that ability now to the rest of my life. It’s difficult to apply it to more than just my knowledge, but when I think about where else in my life I have always done it without realizing (cooking is a good example for me), I can start to see how it works.
    You using TV might be your way of practicing in a way for the “real world”? Perhaps asking questions like “why does this seem easy, but real situations are harder” might help. Real people really are acting just as much as actors on TV much of the time… There’s not much difference as you start to spot those clone traits more and more.
    I didn’t mean for this to be so long, but I think I understand what you mean, and from my perspective this was the only way I could really explain how I see it. Your questions really got me thinking, so thank you for asking it!

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      Thanks Amanda. I can see about letting the insights go and not hold onto them. The few I’ve had are serving their purpose to help me see the shift. I think I’m seeing outside of the illusion too, I like that.

      And I like how you say real people really are acting. That’s brought another realisation to me.

      What I don’t get is when you’ve never needed to study for anything. I’m the opposite. I find things don’t come easily to me and unless I study it doesn’t sink in and I easily forget things. It does bother me. But is that from beliefs and being judged? I don’t know ūü§∑ūüŹĹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ but I either get it or I don’t if I read or hear something, like some of Cathy’s articles, but reading and rereading just gets me confused.

      Thanks for taking the time to chat it helps a lot. ūüôā

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    Hi – I’d like to ask cathy or anyone about this to see what anyone else thinks really.

    A couple of weeks ago I woke up and could see with complete clarity that what happens in life is as a direct result of beliefs. more specifically I could see that for my boss’ wife who has been given a diagnosis of a terminal illness Was a result of her false life story. It felt like a construct of the mind, something completely false. This faded after minutes but I wrote it down.

    Since then I’ve felt like I’ve been letting go from the wrong place again. The things that bring me “out” are tv programmes where the illusion and false selves are in play and I can then see more clearly the construct in play (not sure if that’s the correct word). So it’s like I notice all this falseness in play together rather than a single belief.

    I feel like this is breaking down the wall somewhat but as it’s a little odd I wondered if anyone had noticed a similar thing?

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