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    I just got home from a trip to Chicago. Some strange things happened that really tie into what we’ve been working on. It will be interesting to see what comes out of working on it now that I’m home.
    Sometimes I think I’ve cleaned up past abuse, but something always seems to happen that challenges that idea. But then some things that happen (we got hustled by a shoe shiner, for example) and I’m not sure how it happened or who was the leader that got us into that mess.
    I often really struggle with figuring out whether it is me or someone else’s projection/illusion.

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    Elizabeth Whiteman

    I wasn’t in on the call, so I’ve been waiting to listen and read your writings on it. I’ve read, and am re-reading the latest. I’m just feeling a whole lot of heaviness too, and sadness and feel like I need to sleep all the time. I’m feeling put upon, pulled at, prodded and poked. It feels like those closest to me just want to take from me, get what I’ve got, chew me up and spit me out. It’s most peculiar. As if that’s what I’m there for. Some kind of answer to their shortcomings. and they blame me and misinterpret my words and actions. I’m finding it very confusing and a lonely place. Is it even something to do with abuse? I live in Australia where domestic violence is a big subject and much talked about, and I’m even getting government ads about it coming up in my Facebook feed!
    So just to echo that heaviness, Cathy. Working on it.
    and thank you for your great work.

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    I started a new topic for this.  I’ve been working on the call, and I can feel the heaviness.  I keep trying to edit it, and I just want to walk away.  So I’m going to walk away from it and do some letting go.  I’ll see what I can find.  I suspect a lot is coming up on this topic for people.  Remember, it is coming up so you can let it go.  Don’t accept your thoughts as true.  They are all false.

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