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      Anything goes in this forum.  But remember, we want to keep our Gold Circle space free of projecting our baggage.  This is your place to practice letting go around conversations.  So let go as you post  Get down to the real essence of what you want to say.  Then let go as you read before responding.  You might find you answer your question in the act of reading and writing.  This one skill is life changing.  One day, you'll even be able to watch the news without believing any of it.  That's what we are trying to accomplish.
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    • 2 weeks, 4 days ago

       Benjamin Nichols

    • Help! I’m Stuck Forum
      In this forum, you can get help. This is for those situations when you are letting go and not getting results. You want suggestions. In your question be brief and direct. You might find something to let go in writing your message. If so, let go and then write the message. In answering, let go first. You don't want to project on the person who is stuck. They are already stuck; they don't need our projections.
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    • Technical Questions about this Website Forum
      If you notice anything that is not working on the Gateway To Gold website or can't figure out how to do something, post a question or comment here.  I'll look into the problem.  Very often when things don't work, it is related to your browser or device.  Try a different browser or device, and you might find your problem disappears.
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