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The Creative Leadership Program is designed to reveal even more of your True Self.  The goal is to create a win-win project that forces you to break through the collective illusion.

Gateway To Gold Creative Leadership Program

How Is Creative Leadership Different From the Old Mentoring Program

For the last five years, I’ve mentored a very diverse group of people in order to get them closer to freedom.  I wanted to see if there were any holes in letting go.  Was there some things that could not be let go?  I can now say that anyone can let go of anything.  But that doesn’t mean it is easy.  It doesn’t mean it is quick.

Often people won’t let go if the fear of letting go of something is too great.  I have learned that letting go is possible, but more difficult for people who have done eastern practices, followed a guru, done extensive therapy, or done drugs.  Getting diagnosed makes letting go harder, but not impossible.  If you have done any of these things in the past, then I recommend you do the Gold Circle membership program until letting go gets comfortable.  These earlier activities create a strong clone (fake True Self) within the false self.  That clone believes that it is protecting you from your past history, and it won’t go easy.  In the Gold Circle program, I will be addressing cleaning out the clone.  Until you at least weaken it, it will restrict your leadership and creative capacity to the limits of the collective illusion.  So I don’t want you to waste your money.

The mentorship program exposed me to many different aspects of the illusion. I had to find ways to trick their minds into letting go. I had to see the traps that kept them stuck. I had to figure out how to say what they needed to hear, but maybe didn’t want to hear.  Often they projected on me what was done to them; I had to figure out how to get free of that projection.  I had to navigate all of the traps…social, cultural, religious, and political. I even had to decode the dreaded clone.  I never intended to mentor forever. It’s hard work. But by working through so many aspects of the illusion, I’ve learned what I needed to create something new. I call the new program the Creative Leadership Program.


The Power of Desire

Often when I was in the business world, I felt like I was in the best possible hall of initiation for modern times. I had to let go of beliefs to succeed. I didn’t have time to ponder a belief because things moved too fast. I could see how win-win choices (which came from my True Self) lifted me up, where win-lose pushed me down. I could watch my mind and emotions and see the effects of trusting and obeying my emotional barometer. I was up against powerful people in the illusion, yet I could win every time if I stayed true to myself. This can’t be taught in a classroom. It must be learned by experience. It takes a magnificent idea, project, business, or dream to demonstrate what I say. When you experience life in this way, you gain something that is indescribable. You also contribute something magnificent to the world…your creative True Self.

Often in my life, I’ve had a desire that seemed ridiculous or risky to others. But it wasn’t risky for me. I just knew that it was right and that I could do it. Often people feel that confidence when they first get an idea. Then they share the idea with others, and they start hearing reasons why they will fail. Their own false self and its limiting beliefs creep in. They might drop the idea completely because it seems so much harder now. So in the Creative Leadership Program we deal with this. We let the false selves of the world come at us. We let others object. We become an expert at letting go of their impact on us. We keep walking toward our goal, but not with hard work, willpower, and endless wasted effort.  We walk with inspired action.


Using the Mind to Lead our Creativity

The work we do in letting go clears out the false mind. The normal person uses their false mind to hold beliefs and knowledge. Their mind is so full of useless information. There is no room for creativity to flow through. The purpose of the false mind is to bring the ideas of the True Self into the material world. The True Self is inner directed so it has ideas, but it needs the outer-directed false self to bring those ideas to life.

In addition, the false self is dual in nature; but ideally we hold only win-win, first-cause beliefs in mind for our creating. We let go of second-cause beliefs and judgments.  The goal is to lead with the mental, True Self perspective and to let the physical actions follow.  Remember, the physical is the effect…not the cause.

We first get clear on our desire; that is held in our masculine mind. Then the feminine receives inspiration. We must be comfortable in the feminine mind and be able to discriminate. Then we move into the masculine when we lead others. We must be able to lead without projecting. These are all things that we’ll work on in the program.


The Project

To enter this program, you must already have some idea of what you want to create. It must be big. It must have a win-win outcome.  I will not support a project that is win-lose. Now don’t get me wrong. Win-win doesn’t mean that everyone gets their way. For example, I’ve worked with Gamers. Obviously in gaming, somebody wins and somebody loses. But it’s win-win if the winner is the one with no judgment of the other, no fear, and no beliefs. The winner has the skill.  The winner is not the most conniving or best cheater.  Both the winner and loser will somehow benefit from that game. If we understand that more freedom for all is the ultimate win-win, there is a way to make any desire win-win. These are the kind of bridges we cross in the program.

Freedom is not the goal of this program. The program will support your freedom, but it is not the goal. The project is the goal. How much freedom you attain in the program is up to you. The more inner work you do, the more freedom you’ll get. The bigger the project, the more freedom you will potentially get by focusing on it.  But beware.  The bigger the desire, the more those pesky beliefs will arise.  That’s why it is important to be comfortable with letting go.


The Program

The participants in the program will be supported by me. I’ll convey what I see providing support and guidance so they don’t get stuck. I’ll lend my business experience to them as well. But we will not be processing together. They will have to work on their own to clear their mind. If I have a talent, it’s in seeing what sort of beliefs are in the way and in holding the vision with another person. When we do that well, the inspiration will tell the project creator what to do. If their inspiration is shut off, they have to open the faucet by letting go.  I’ll sense it, and so we won’t let things go too long in the wrong direction.

Think of the mentors on the hit television show, “Shark Tank.” They don’t do the work, but they lend their experience and wisdom to the entrepreneur. So the potential for success is multiplied. However, there are times when the entrepreneur doesn’t do what is necessary. Those businesses fail. So I’m a trusted supporter, but you are making all decisions. You are responsible for the outcome. You get all the credit for your success.

The program will be intense. We will talk weekly for 30-45 minutes, four weeks per month, on Skype. Some months have five weeks so those will offer some time to catch up or to take a well-deserved rest. We will determine what needs to be accomplished either mentally or physically each week. Then we’ll see where we stand during the Skype conversation. There is no plan or agenda because each person will be different.

The participants will have email access to me for questions or problems 7 days a week. On rare occasions when they are stuck, I will do some emergency processing to get them going again. But that will be rare. I expect them to know how to let go.

This is what I love to do.  I so enjoy seeing people fulfill their untapped potential.  To the rest of the world, they look extraordinary.  But it is kind of a joke.  They are really just being who they were born to be.  The fact that we treat this powerful way of thinking, living, and creating as normal is exactly why it works so well.  We get back to who we were initially…a powerful, authentic creator.


The Investment

The investment for this program is $250 per month. There is no time commitment. You can quit at any time. If you alter your project in a way that obstructs freedom or becomes win-lose, you will be asked to correct this or leave the program. I won’t work on a project that harms others.


Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply. However, it is important that you have read the blogs GatewaytoGold and NoLabelsNoLies in their entirety. If you aren’t yet confident with letting go, I suggest you spend some time in the Gold Circle.  No one will be accepted who is taking drugs, in therapy, under medical care, or following a guru or spiritual teacher.  It’s important that you’ve practiced letting go for awhile. It’s also good that you feel like you have the time and energy to devote to creating. You don’t have to be free…by no means. But you have to know you can let go. Ideally, you have had some success with breaking down your clone. Nothing gets in the way of success more than our clone because it says it’s taking us to our desire when it’s actually taking us away from it. It will lie to everyone, including me.  It causes major confusion.


Creative Leadership Program Application

If you are interested, answer the following questions. I suggest copying the questions and putting them into a file, using a word processing or notes type of program. Then paste the file with the questions and your responses into the contact form below.  PDF is the preferred format so that I will be able to read your file.

If you mentored with me in the past for more than six months, and meet these qualifications, feel free to just email me.  I know most of this information.  I just need to know your project.  I will start accepting applications for the Creative Leadership program in March, 2017.


City, State, Province, or Country:

Email address:

Date of Birth:


The following questions are red flags.  If you have done such things in the past, I’m going to be looking for proof that you have let go of them as well as the issues that got you into these practices or therapies.  So please feel free to elaborate.  If you have not completed such things, I suggest completing whatever you need to do first.  The Gold Circle and the Creative Leadership program are not a substitute for professional care.  They are not a spiritual path or path to enlightenment.  They are about freedom, which is very different.  

Do you currently participate in any religion or spiritual practice? (Describe)

Have you ever participated in such religions or spiritual practices? (Describe)

Do you have any gurus, or spiritual teachers that you follow or have followed? If so, who?

Have you been in therapy?  How long?  What type?

Have you done drugs?

Do you currently do any drugs or medications?

Are you dependent on any healers or healing techniques?

Are you on a special diet? (Describe)

Are you under a doctor’s care? (I’m not concerned about occasional visits.) (Describe)

What are you unwilling to let go?

Have you taken the Bodhisattva Vow (if you have and have not completely let it go, you are not eligible)?

Have you taken any other vows, other than marriage?  If so, what were they?  Do you feel that you’ve let them go?

LGBTQ or Straight?  (more important than you might think)

Are you married?  Does your spouse participate in this work?


Now let’s talk about what you want to create…the fun stuff.

What is your project (be detailed)?

Why do you want to do this particular project?

Where do you currently stand regarding this project? Have you done anything? (You don’t have to have done anything.)

Do you have a clear vision of the desired end result? (You don’t have to.)

What are your biggest fears around the project?

What obstacles do you expect or fear related to the project?

Do you feel qualified to do this project? What qualifications do you think you need?

In what way do you feel this project utilizes your talents?

What talents do you feel you lack but need?

Who do you admire?

Do you work now? If so, what do you do?

What are your favorite things to do?

If you could change one thing about earth, what would it be?

Do you have any special talents?

Do you feel you have any significant liabilities?

Have you studied the blogs?

Have you been a Gold Circle member.  If so, how long?

Have you had success with letting anything go? (Describe)

Why do you want to do this program?

What scares you about the program?

What else would you like me to know?

After reading your application, I will answer within a week with feedback. You will either be preliminarily accepted right away, and we’ll schedule a Skype interview; or I’ll suggest that you do more work in certain areas first. I want to be absolutely certain that the people I support in this program can handle it. It will be intense.  It’s also important that you are out-of-the-closet about letting go with close friends and family.  They don’t have to understand it or even do it.  But your dedication to this creative project needs to be out in the open.


What Am I Looking For?

I’m looking for untapped potential. I’m looking for clarity and strong desire. I’m looking for leadership potential. I’m doing this to create leaders that prove the power of initiation and letting go. Thus, the person had to already know that letting go is right for them. That’s what’s good for everyone. I don’t want to have to convince the people in this program to let go. We will be on the same team, both committed to the fulfillment of their burning desire.

This program is about creating entirely from the inside out. It’s about being authentic in your expression. It’s about being a leader and example for others. It caries responsibility because you will grow in power. I want you to use that power in a way that is win-win and supportive of freedom for all.


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